Rocklin CA is a suburb of Sacramento, the capital city of California. Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, this region offers a warm Mediterranean climate and an excellent school system. Residents enjoy many outdoor activities including hiking, cycling and golfing at one of two beautiful courses that are minutes away from Rocklin’s borders. This blog post will provide information related to living in Rocklin CA for those considering living there or building a custom home.

About Rocklin CA

Rocklin has been one of the fastest growing cities in California, growing in population by 64 percent from 2000-2014. The current Rocklin population is about 70,000. Rocklin is near many tourist attractions and recreational opportunities. It is only 20 minutes from Folsom Lake, 30 minutes to downtown and Old Sacramento, and a short 2 hour drive to Lake Tahoe, the Pacific Coast, or the Bay Area. 

It's proximity to both mountains and coast position Rocklin as an optimal spot to access weekend pursuits, while still living in a metro area. Rocklin new homes and real estate are popular among investors with a strong appreciation rate over the past decade.

Rocklin Weather

Rocklin’s climate closely resembles that of the Mediterranean. It is characterized by comfortable fall and spring temperatures in the 70s and warm summers in the 90s. The city doesn't get an over abundance of rain, with an average annual rainfall of 21 inches per year. Rocklin doesn't get any snowfall in a typical year, yet the Sierra-Nevada mountains are only a short drive away. So you can still pursue your snow sports, while having the benefit of the warm California climate.

Schools In Rocklin CA

Rocklin unified school district has an A+ rating from Some say that it actually has one of the best school systems in the country. No matter if kids are elementary age or in high school, Rocklin provides quality school choices. There are 17 schools in the district that include:

If you're looking at a particular lot or home in Rocklin, CA, use the school locator to see what schools would service your address.

Things To Do In Rocklin CA

Rocklin has some exciting entertainment options for everyone in the family. From golf to adventure sports, Rocklin delivers a great atmosphere for raising a family or enjoying the retirement years.

Average Home Price In Rocklin CA

The average home price in Rocklin, CA is just a touch under $600,000. Granted this does equal about twice the national average. Yet, it's still under the average California home price of $624,000. Of course, the average home price in Rocklin doesn't exempt luxury homes from soaring well into the 7 figures. There are some absolutely stunning homes in the area.

Rocklin new homes have seen prices rise by more than 11% in the past year alone. If you're looking at homes for sale in Rocklin, CA, you'll want to pull the trigger quickly as prices seem to be only going up right now.

Luxury Homes For Sale In Rocklin CA

Luxury homes in Rocklin, CA range from around 1 million to over 5 million dollars. If you're looking in that range, you'll also certainly want to look at the option of building a custom home. Building a custom home in Rocklin could be easier than you think! See our article on the building process here.

Building a custom home in Rocklin could prove to be an excellent decision given the proximity to downtown Sacramento, recreational opportunities, low crime rate, and strong local economy. Contact us here to ask us about the prime lots available for building in Rocklin.

Is Rocklin For You?

Rocklin, Ca is one of the most sought after cities in the Sacramento area. It's an affluent area with a multitude of shopping centers, nearby recreational opportunities, restaurants, and entertainment options.  If suburban living is for you, then Rocklin, Ca is a perfect place to live. Contact us today to get details about building a custom home in Rocklin.

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