Owning a luxury home is so much more than a price tag. Your home should reflect the person that you are while creating an environment that is comfortable for your family. As you only want the best in luxury and design, it makes sense that you would want a new home.

What to Expect from an Eco-Friendly Home

Your eco-friendly home will be packed with top of the range features that will embody class while keeping the running costs of your home low. You might be wondering, “why would I choose to build a new home when there are so many that can be renovated?” This is an excellent question, and we admire your attitude to upgrading an existing property. However, when it comes to upgrading a property to the standard we expect from our buildings, it isn’t possible. 

Many old houses have beautiful features, but these can hide problems that are difficult to repair. With one of our new eco-friendly homes, you can be guaranteed that everything within your home is of the highest quality and craftsmanship that you have come to expect. 

Defining Features and Trends of Eco-Friendly Design

Eco-friendly homes are not what you think they are. Long gone are the days of bulky and unreliable features. Now, we are in the position to offer designs that are sleek and practical. Thinking outside of the box has created some inventive solutions with eye-catching results.

Non-Toxic Materials

Using non-toxic building materials has become the forefront of our mission when it comes to creating your home. The houses of yesterday were packed with harsh chemicals that were hazardous to everyone’s health. We refuse to accept this as the norm and have researched thoroughly the best options to help protect you and your family. We firmly believe that the cost of a luxury home should not include the price of your health.

Water Conserving Features

Rainwater collection has become a firm favorite in the eco-community as a way to provide fresh water for your home. Rainwater is not suitable for drinking but it is suitable for a variety of other uses. Filling your low flush toilet with collected rainwater is a fantastic way to relieve the pressure on your local water service. Rainwater is also excellent for watering plants and can easily be pumped into a sprinkler system for a year-round green lawn.

Energy-Efficient Products

One of the more defining products that will go into your home is the energy-efficient appliances that will be used every day. One of the biggest culprits when it comes to energy loss in the home is the appliances that are found inside. We are pleased to offer some of the highest-rated appliances that are available today to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

Reclaimed Wood

It started in the late 1990s with railway sleepers being repurposed as mantle pieces. Now, it would be unthinkable to have a home that is not created in some way with reclaimed wood. Each piece of reclaimed wood is filled with defining features that are not possible with virgin timber. The grain of each piece has a rich history that you can bring into your home. 

Living Roof

A living roof has defined the eco-friendly home movement in a way that no one could have imagined. The striking cover of vegetation that covers the roofs of houses has been a wake-up call for many who wanted more from their home. These roofs are beautiful to look at, but they also serve as an important part of the architecture of the home. Not only can the plants on the roof absorb a massive amount of run-off water and prevent flooding, but they also provide insulation for the home too. 

Natural Light

Our lamps and lights might be beautiful but natural light tops it every time. The benefits of allowing natural light into your home are astounding. From saving you money on your running costs to enhancing your mood, the benefits are incredible. However, one of the more surprising: The UV rays of the sun is one of the best killers of bugs and germs in the air. Letting the light in doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on costs as our range of energy-efficient windows will ensure you don’t lose any of your indoor environment to the outdoors.


When it comes to eco-friendly homes, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the finest quality items available to create the home of their dreams. Our wide range of custom features will help you redefine your home in the greenest way possible. Contact us today to talk through the options.

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