When you think about a home entrance, it is the first thing visitors see. It sets the tone for your home and can be an important part of your home's curb appeal. Whether you're planning to build or renovate a custom home, this article will give some ideas for what to include in your design.

Home Entrance Ideas

Your home entrance is your one opportunity to make an impression on visitors to your home. No matter if you greet them with expansive ceilings and twin curved staircases, or warm hardwood floors with a simple table and flow bouquet, the entryway "introduces" your home to your visitors.
Use this key area of your home to add a touch of elegance, or details that will elevate the environment of your design. Draw inspiration from these remarkable home entrance ideas to incorporate into your own custom home design.

Ceiling Statement

Note the ceiling design in this example. Reminiscent of Turkish architecture or a European cathedral, make a statement with your home entrance ceiling design.

If you have higher than average ceilings consider adding grand arches over doors or windows to create more height as well as visual interest from all angles of the room!

Photo courtesy of cepaynasi.blogspot.com

Small But Elegant

Even if you don't have a lot of room, you can still make a splash with your home entrance. Take this next example for instance. Note the inset ceiling with a beautiful crown molding accent, with an understated but elegant centerpiece chandelier.

Photo courtesy of www.onekingslane.com

Go High

If you have the room, take the ceiling up high and add statement lighting. In this example you can see pendant lights hanging from a high section of the ceiling. Quite a striking example!

Photo source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/84512930485571662/

Signature Piece

Home entrances don't have to be all about architecture, you can also make a statement through a signature furniture piece. In this example, a unique dark wood entry table makes for an instant conversation starter! Complete the decor with a large thick rimmed mirror and your home entrance decor will beg your guests for a whole house tour to see more!

Photo courtesy of www.hgtv.com

Understated Elegance

If you don't have room for a signature furniture piece, or it's just not your style, think about an understated console table with decor instead. Console tables can be acquired easily and don't have to cost a lot, but can add a lot of style and elegance. They provide a perfect platform to introduce your visitors to the style and decor of your home, with candles, lamps, books, figurines, or whatever fits your home aesthetic.

Photo courtesy of centsationalgirl.com

Contrast Makes For Good Design

The old adage that "opposites attract" is true for more than just relationships, it's true for home design as well. Look at this example of contrasting colors in this home entry. Light walls and ceiling contrasted by dark wood floors. Especially noteworthy is the staircase, dark steps with light color in between making for a striking home entry idea!

Photo courtesy of www.homedit.com


Remember that your home entrance isn't relegated to just the inside, you can actually extend your entrance outside of the front door as well! This is a great example of how you can start your home entry design before even entering your home. A well designed front porch or covered area and begin your entry well before people come inside.

Photo courtesy of Fathy Ibrahim

Invite Through Windows

A great home entry idea is to "invite through windows''. Take a look at this example and how they coupled the stairway window with the front door to literally invite visitors into their entryway. A very clever idea indeed!

Photo courtesy of amitykett.com

What kind of home entrance suits your style?

A grand foyer not only welcomes visitors but directs them as well. This architectural element offers succinct views into the home, acting as an initial greeting to guests and providing perspective of what is to come within the space. Considerable thought should be given to the entryway of a new custom home. One example of this is designing sightlines that extend behind the home and into the backyard, which can make guests who arrive at your doorstep feel like they are entering a welcoming space. A casual entrance can lead directly to your living quarters or act as an introduction to anything you have on the inside including your residential location for a laid back approach. It is about whether or not your space and lifestyle suit this type of design.

Do you want a more casual entry, or something more formal? Answering this question goes a long way to what design you may want to incorporate into your custom home.

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