Have you been considering the best home door your new house needs? You wouldn't be the only one. Choosing the right interior and exterior door for your home is important for the overall curb appeal of the house. Your biggest concern for your home door should be the aesthetics as much as the safety of the house. Below, we’ve got a few of the best home door types for you to choose from.

Front Door Styles & Considerations

When you are considering your front door for your new home, you want it to look welcoming and you want it to be safe. There are so many things to consider for exterior doors to your home, and these things go beyond the design of the home. Some of these include:

  • The style of the door
  • The material you use for the exterior doors
  • How you want your front door to open and shut

Each of these things can help you to make the right decision for your front door. Let’s take a closer look at what you should think about.

Exterior French Doors

You might not want a solid double door for the front of your home. Exterior French doors can do the same job and they can look beautiful, too. Instead of solid slabs at the entrance to your home, exterior French doors use glass panelling with a metal or a wooden frame.

Glass Front Doors

If you want to add elegance and richness to the front of your home, glass front doors can do this beautifully. They are the main walkway to your home, and they bring natural light flooding through to what is usually a dark and dreary entryway. 

Modern Front Door

You can go old school with your front door, but a modern front door should be the thickness, safety and color that you want to introduce your home to your guests. A modern front door comes with the right stability and durability against the elements and anyone trying to get into your home. Modern doors can be made with uPVC, wood or metal.

Double Front Doors

Double front doors can offer your home elegance in an instant. They’re unique and they simply feel grand when you open them to greet people. Adding wall sconces and under a porch is just the icing on the cake!

Front Door Colors 

This is the fun part when it comes to choosing a home door. Your front door colors can be anything you want, whether you go for one uniform color like a natural brown, gray or black, or you want to choose a brighter blue or yellow. The front door colors you choose will determine the style of your home, and they’re a fun option!

Interior Doors: Styles & Considerations

It’s not all about the front door, you know! You have to think about interior doors when you’re doing your home door planning. Interior doors provide you with privacy, but they also give your home a level of style that a curtain just wouldn't do. The best bit: there’s no climate issues to worry about!

Pocket Door

If you have a smaller space and you want to put a door on it, the pocket door is the best option. You can put the door contained in an alcove or a space under the stairs. These are perfect for bathroom doors, too. You give your home a streamlined aesthetic as a result of using a pocket door, and they’re a unique option.

Sliding Barn Doors

Would you prefer something different? A popular option for interior doors is the sliding barn door. This is a standard door slab sitting on a rail. There’s no swing, so if you have a smaller home, this is an ideal option.

Interior French Doors

French doors don't have to be used as a home door for the front of the home, not when you can also use them as interior French doors. They’re popular as an option between the living and dining room, as you can usually keep these open for light and natural flow, but close them for privacy.

Door Knobs

Door knobs for your home door are just as important as the materials that you choose for a door. You can make a better impression with the right door knob material, and these add to the look of the door, too.

Soundproof Door

If you want to have a soundproof door for your home door, choose a timber door for excellent soundproofing and insulation all in the same package. They’re elegant, but they’re not cheap. If you want something beautiful and classy for the home, a wooden soundproof door will do the job!

The Takeaway

Are you ready to choose your home door? With so many considerations when it comes to doors, Bianchi-Tillett Developers is here to help answer your questions. We've been through it many times and are happy to help you process which style might best suite your build! Contact us today for a free consultation!

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