Pros and cons of building a custom home.

Pros & Cons of Building a Custom Home

A custom home could be your way out of the competitive real estate market and into  your dream home. Many people looking to invest in real estate are finding the prices driven out of range by families with greater spending power. While this can be frustrating, it also presents a unique opportunity for people interested in building a custom home. This may seem overwhelming, but with the expertise of a dedicated custom homebuilder, the guess work is removed and the  process becomes manageable. When building a custom home, you have the ability to choose the layout, fixtures, flooring, paint, and materials used. This allows you to step into your dream home from day one, rather than have to tear out old kitchens or repair leaking faucets.

The Ins & Outs of How to Build a Custom Home

Constructing your perfect home may be a great option for families tired of fixing up an outdated space. Home ownership can come with its own share of headaches, worrying about  whether the plumbing is up to date shouldn’t be one of them. With a custom home floor plan,  you can make sure every square inch is up to your specifications. However, there are many  things to consider before you dive in to finding that perfect piece of property. Finding the best custom home builder is a great place to start.

Custom Home Plans

The first step in building is to identify the custom home plan that most accurately fits your family’s needs. If you intend to add another child, you will want to make sure the new baby’s room is a comfortable distance from the master. Perhaps you have a lot of family that visits, you may want a guest room on the other side of the house, away from the main bedrooms. If you have teenagers, that custom home floor plan comes into consideration with a  family room that allows for some distance between quiet adult activities and the more raucous kid hangouts.

When you build a custom home, your desires in all of these areas can be included into the planning and final result. Many people who have built custom homes, love this outcome, living out each day in a space that fits them perfectly!  

Cost to Build a Custom Home

With the red hot real estate market, the investment in a single-family home is starting  to rival the cost to build a custom home. Of course, there are many factors that can affect the cost of a home. Location, size, materials, and more, all will play into the final cost of building a custom home. The average price for a smaller single-family home in a metro area is about $450,000,while it is about $427,000for a custom built home. The price for building a luxury custom home is typically in the $1.5 Million to $5 Million range. Again, prices fluctuate even my the month, so it’s best to get a quote from a builder for the area, size, and type of home that you’re looking to build.

Budgeting For A Home

There are a lot of factors to consider when budgeting for a house, and one of them is the cost of fixing outdated home features such as kitchens or floors. You may get a better deal on an older home, but likely you’ll  find yourself laden down with repairs and remodeling projects. These can be difficult to  accomplish, especially if you’re trying to live in the home at the same time. The average cost per square foot for a custom built home is around $250 in many metro areas. [confirm with Bianchi-Tillett ] The price could increase or decrease based on the area you choose to build your home and the finishes that you want to incorporate in the design. With the market trends increasing the price of single-family homes, this could be your best opportunity to work with a reputable builder to design your custom dream home.

Custom Home Construction

Making the decision to invest in custom home construction requires a great deal of  information about zoning laws, permits, as well as basic contractor insight. For many home  owners the process of building can be overwhelming. Finding the best luxury custom home  builder in your area can ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget. The cost of the land, the floor plan, the finishes on your house, as well as the landscaping will all need to  be factored into the overall cost of the house. Working with a reputable professional who can  help you project the financial investment from the beginning, can help make sure the process  flows smoothly.

Building a Custom Home Checklist

When making the decision to build a custom home, there are some important  considerations to take into account.

Pros and cons of custom built homes.


  1. Custom built homes are made to your specifications; therefore, you enjoy the  peace of mind that everything is where you believe it should be.
  2. Relax, knowing that your home has new electricity, plumbing, whole house  sprinklers, and energy efficient appliances.  
  3. Enjoy the comfort of a builder’s warranty to cover any issues that could arise in  the first year.
  4. With the way the market is going, a custom home could be a better financial  investment than getting in a bidding war over an outdated home, and ending up “underwater”.  


  1. If there are other homes being built in the neighborhood, the noise and  construction debris will likely be higher until the work is complete.  
  2. You’ll need to budget for landscaping, as many custom home projects don’t  always include the grounds.  
  3. The time frame for a custom built home will be longer than buying a ready-made  house .It’s important to have living arrangements made while you’re waiting for  your project to be finished.  

When you have made the decision to invest in your future by building a custom home,  be prepared to find the best custom home builders to bring your project to completion. With the competitive real estate market currently driving home prices considerably higher, a custom luxury home could be a good choice for your housing needs. Be prepared to pick out your favorite finishes with a design professional and architect  who can focus your dreams and custom fit a house to your specifications.

With the market only getting stronger, there has never been a better time to invest in your dreams with a custom built home. Contact our team today and learn more about the details and process of building your dream home.