The idea of building your dream home on a budget can be realized if you plan meticulously and get your finances in order. But at the same time it can be quite a costly project, finalizing the design, spending money on all the necessary materials and paying the builder. So finding ways to build your home on a budget will certainly help make your money last that little bit longer. Here are 5 tips that we have put together that will help you build your dream home while sticking to your budget - whether it be large or small! 

1. Have a Plan!

Having a plan for how you want your home to look and what you need to organize will be vital. You can’t just go into this without pre planning at least. This is where working with an experienced custom home builder really helps. They know the common mistakes to avoid, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in materials or delays. 

During this step you will need to establish the final design with an architect so that the builder will know what they need to be doing and what materials they will need to order to begin construction. The more you plan, the more likely that orders can be processed in time and you are able to stick to the overall timeline.

2. Know Your Must Haves vs Wants

It can be easy to get carried away with extravagant designs and upgrades for your new build. But you do need to be thoughtful about this at the same time. If the builder suggests that you need to compromise on a certain feature because it will not work how you envision it or you need to change materials, then you must realize that they are more experienced than you in this field. It is best to go into this project with an open mind and not be too disappointed if you need to alter your plans a little along the way. A little flexibility helps the whole project go more smoothly, which leads us to our next point.

3. Be Flexible

Building projects can be subject to delays, either due to bad weather or a problem with suppliers obtaining building materials. Although there may be an estimated plan on how long it will take, you should also be prepared that there could be delays and the construction takes a little longer. It is best to hold off on any plans to go away on vacation until after the construction is complete, so at least you can be available to answer questions and make any necessary decisions. 

4. Choose Finishes At The Start

It might be a good idea to start looking at how you want to finish the house in advance. Everything from what kind of countertops, door knobs, molding style, fixtures - all of these little decisions have to be made that can consume more time than you realize. Starting this process early will also enable the builder to shop around, getting the best prices, and order it well in advance to avoid delays. You can purchase wall colors, flooring, tiles, furniture and accessories once you have established the diameters of the room. It will help to keep the project on track if you have all of these products already bought and ready to be fitted. You might also be less likely to go on a shopping spree and purchase more accessories than you actually need when you shop in advance. 

5. Work With An Experienced Home Builder

In order to achieve a good quality home, you want to research in advance for a good quality custom home builder that works in the local Sacramento area. Hiring professionals that are fully qualified and have received positive feedback is what you want for your construction project. If you look up Bianchi-Tillett Developers, you’ll find many satisfied homeowners with stunning homes - we pride ourselves with the quality of our work!

You want to know that the build will be in safe hands and completed to a professional standard. The last thing you want to do is hire a team that decides to pack up their tools after being paid without completing the project or does a really bad job that you then need to hire someone else to redo it properly. This will end up costing you more money. So look at Bianchi-Tillett Developers - contact us today for a free consultation

Overall it is a good idea if you can be organized and plan as much as possible before commencing on the build. The more organized you can be, the less likely you are to have to spend money on extra items. This will help you stick to your required budget as much as possible. It is certainly a good idea to keep some cash aside in case the project is delayed or you need to spend money on something extra. But overall use the tips above to give yourself the best chance of sticking to your budget and finishing your build on time! 

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