If you are in the middle of researching whether a solar roof is the best thing for your home, consider a Tesla Solar roof as an option. It’s inevitable that you will come across it in your efforts to find the right solar roof for your home. The Tesla Solar Roof may not be revolutionary, but they are changing the way that the solar and roofing industries are working. 

This is a solar roof type that has come a long way in recent years, and huge savings are promised if you’re a homeowner, too. There are still things to ask about Tesla Solar Roofs, though, and we’ve got the answers to all of your questions below.

What Is A Tesla Solar Roof?

If there is one thing that the Tesla Solar Roof tiles are doing right, it’s being able to function as both a roofing material and a photovoltaic solar panel system. The Tesla Solar Roof tiles on offer are installed in place of your usual choices for roofing materials. They also offer the same protection values - which is exactly what your roof needs. The Tesla Solar Roof efficiency is also excellent, especially the Tesla Solar Roof tiles come in two different formats. 

The energy producing tiles have interlocking solar cells that expel energy when the sunlight hits them. The non-energy producing tiles don't have this ability, but they look like the energy producing solar tiles and they protect the roof while looking good.

Tesla Solar Roof tiles are said to be easier to install, cheaper to make and far more efficient than other brands. The other brag is that they have fewer pieces to it, too.

Tesla Solar Roof Cost

It’s an important question to ask when you choose to have Tesla Solar Roof tiles installed in your new home. You need to know the Tesla Solar Roof cost per square foot, and whether you can get Tesla Solar Roof financing, too. Deciphering the ultimate cost has a lot of factors, however, and it’s not always easy to work this out. As with every single solar panel installation, there are too many factors to confirm a specific price for your home until you have it assessed.

That being said, we have some of the numbers to give you an idea:

  • Tesla Solar Roof tiles cost per square foot: $21.85. This is based on an assumption that at least 35% of the roof will have non-energy producing tiles. A standard 2,000 square foot roof could cost just over $44,000.
  • According to some of the estimates provided by Tesla customers, however, the actual costs comes out at around $26,000 

So, the ultimate actual Tesla Solar Roof costs can differ compared to the quote you’re given versus what’s actually charged. We - as yet - also do not know how many Tesla Solar Roofs have been completed and Tesla isn't the most forthcoming with their numbers.

Courtesy of Tesla

Tesla Solar Roof Styles

There are four different Tesla Solar Roof styles to choose from out there, and there are also different Tesla Solar Roof colors, too. The four different styles include:

Smooth Glass

This tile was created for the modern custom home, and it’s a clean design that really has that “contemporary and classy” feel in mind. If you’re choosing a high-end home, you want high end Tesla Solar Roof styles. 

French Slate Glass Tiles

This is thought to be the most popular of the Tesla Solar Roof styles. It looks hand-crafted and it’s an impressive addition to the Tesla Solar Roof styles family.

Tuscan Glass Tiles

Are you looking for something a little different? The Tuscan Tesla Solar Roof style gives off notes of Greek and Roman times. It’s a very European option that gives your home some personality.

Textured Glass Tiles

You’ll usually find textured roof styles on older homes, so you can introduce a little old and new together with your custom built home and adding Tesla Solar Roof textured glass tiles to your new house.

Tesla Solar Roof Installation

The time it takes for your Tesla Solar Roof installation depends largely on the size of your roof, as well as how complex the job will be. It can take around a week to finish from the start, and you can call to see your Tesla Solar Roof availability before you make any commitments. 

Is Tesla Solar Roof Worth It?

Honestly? We recommend that all of our customers wait before they choose Tesla Solar Roof tiles for their home. Asking yourself, "Is a Tesla Solar Roof worth it?" can make it complicated: yes, it could be worth it, but there are still issues for Tesla to iron out. That's ok, it’s even better if you allow the price to come down over time.

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