Have you ever considered building your own custom home? It will no doubt be at the back of your mind if you're searching for a suitable property in which you and your family can truly thrive, as having full control over each decision will allow you to craft the best home for your unique needs. Bianchi-Tillett Developers offer the perfect solution, as we are dedicated to turning your property dreams into a reality before you know it. We can provide a seamless experience for those who are looking to achieve a luxurious home that stands out from the rest, as we will make sure that your new property is as unique as you are. But why choose to build a Summit Village home for your upcoming project? Simply read on to find out more. 

Advantages of Summit Village Homes - El Dorado Hills, CA

The Summit is a gated community of distinct custom homes that have been carefully crafted in El Dorado Hills northwest corner. The Summit’s hilly terrain varies between 500 and 800 feet in elevation from which impressive views of Folsom Lake, the Sacramento Valley and other villages within El Dorado Hills can be seen. The landscape is a major selling point for the building lots in El Dorado Hills, as you can no doubt experience a tremendous view from your custom built home in many locations. 

The location itself is such a great spot, as it’s just a couple of hours drive from ocean beaches and rocky mountains while still being within reaching distance of the hustle and bustle of Sacramento, offering you the best of both worlds in every respect. 

Summit Village is a very affluent area which in turn has low crime rates and many people feel the utmost peace of mind living there. There are many great schools in the area which makes the village ideal for families with children, and the sheer volume of different flora, fauna and wildlife that you can expect to see in your new neighborhood is awe inspiring to say the very least. From woodpeckers, wild turkeys, to black tailed deer - you will likely encounter a vast variety of different animals existing in harmony around your custom built home. 

Average Home/Real Estate Prices In Summit Village

Most homes that sell inside Summit Village do so for around one million to one point five million dollars on average. There are some lots still available in this exclusive community that you can snap up for as little as $300,000. As the area is one that contains so many different selling points and benefits that other locations simply do not have, it's actually surprising that these prices are not far higher! There's a suitable option for most families at Summit Village, so you need not stress about the building process when you get in touch with our trusted team of experts, who will guide you all along the way.

So, are you ready to start your journey towards long term property satisfaction? There's no time like the present to express your interest with one of our experienced staff that can assist you with turning your home dreams into a reality, as with each day that passes more top quality Summit Village home lots get snapped up by happy bidders from across the state. The freedom that you can benefit from when building your own custom home is a major selling point, as it allows you to craft the ideal home for you and your family's unique wants and needs. 

Don't hesitate - contact us today to learn what it takes to create a luxury home from the ground up. 

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