When you choose to build a custom home, you get to choose from a range of roof types to complete your home. Whether you are choosing for the main house or you’re choosing for the garage or outdoor office, the right roof types will make a difference to your home’s look. Most importantly, you need the right material for your roof types so that you can keep your family protected from the elements. We’ve got everything you need below.

What Roofing Materials Are Best?

Below, we’ve put together a list of roofing materials that cover almost all of the roof types used in the U.S. Let’s take a closer look so that you can make the right decision for your roofing materials. 

Metal Roof

Choosing the right metal roof is important if you want to make sure that your home is well protected from the element, and from what we can see, metal roof types are coming back! You get a choice of metal roof colors and the metal roof cost you’ve been looking at will be less than most other types. The best bit? Metal roof sheets are eco-friendly.

Composition Roof

Composition roof types are made with asphalt shingles. This is one of the most popular roof types and that’s because of the affordability of composition roof options. From fiberglass shingles to the old school organic type, there are many options out there that are perfect for all weathers.

Ceramic Roof Tiles

You may not have considered ceramic roof tiles before, but they are fully equipped with natural air ventilation beneath the tiles. This leads to better airflow in the house, and they’re a highly efficient roof type that can bring your costs down for your heating.

Cedar Shake Roof

There are a range of different shake roof types available, and cedar shake roof is some of the most popular wood roof options out there. Cedar shingles are machine cut and they have much cleaner edges as well as a smoother surface. This gives your custom built home a uniform appearance of which you can be proud.

Pitched Roof or Flat Roof?

When it comes down to it, there are two of the most popular roof types out there: a pitched roof or a flat roof. A flat roof can look fairly plain when looking below, but it’s frequently used in modern homes and it can really be a beautiful roof type for your home. Pitched roofs often slope downward, and they create an angle from a central ridge. The choice is yours, but you can even combine the two options for the best roof for you.

Roof Styles

There is a huge range of roof styles out there and you may choose to match with your new neighbors, or you could choose to be unique and go with whatever fits your tastes. 

Gable Style Roof

A typical pitched triangle roof is also known as a gable style roof. These aren't too expensive to build as the shape is simple, but they are effective against the elements and they do bring a classy aesthetic for the home. You can choose a gable style roof with a range of roofing materials, too.

Hip Style Roof

Hip style roofs are a close second to the gable style roof. They have slopes on four sides that make a ridge at the top of the roof, as opposed to the two sides that gable style roofs have. 

Spanish Style Roof

If you want to be a little more European with your roof style, why not choose a Spanish style roof? This is a popular roof style, adding class to your new home in an instant. You can get the Spanish roof style in a range of different colors and textures. 

Japanese Style Roof

The Japanese style roof is a simple but beautiful roof type. It’s made with two sides connected in the middle at the ridge. 

Mansard Style Roof

The Mansard style roof is made with four double sloped sides, and the roof itself is low in pitch. It’s a popular option for those who want to have a loft space to add as a room in the home. The sides can be flat or cured, and you can choose from a range of silhouettes. You will need to add some windows for this roof type, though!

French Style Roof

A French style roof is the same as the Mansard style roof, with four sides and a double slope on each. They’re a popular option for homes as you can really improve the look of the house from the exterior.

Victorian Roof Styles

As well as being known as French roof styles, Victorian roof styles are also Mansard in design. They were created for usable living space on the roof, and older buildings are often seen with Victorian roof styles.

Cottage Style Roof

Combining both gable style roofs and hip style roofs, you get cottage style roofs that are known as “jerkinhead” roofs. They look like a gable style roof with shortened ends, and you can see it designed in a way that the hips won’t disrupt your view!

Modern Roofing Styles

If you want to stay away from the Victorian roof styles and embrace the current century, modern roofing styles are perfect. You can choose a sawtooth roof style to go here, as the edge is serrated and looks so much more modern!

Which Roof Type & Style is Right For Your New Custom Home?

No matter the roof types you choose, you will need to ensure that you have the right budget to maintain it. You have to pick the roof types that suit the climate in the local area, and you should consider your specific home type, too. Roofs tend to vary by architecture, personal preference, the weather and the neighborhood. 

If you have questions about which roof type might be best for your new custom home, contact Bianchi-Tillett Developers today!

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