If you are currently looking for ideas on building that dream home, you need to consider a ranch style house. This house style has traditionally been very popular in the United States and is often thought of as the perfect home layout. That is because it is something that people of all ages can enjoy, as it is all on one level. So, if you are going to the trouble of building your own home, you want to ensure it’s for the long haul. And despite what you may think, from the name, it is not actually a ranch and does not need to be on endless acres of land. There are many benefits a ranch style home can offer, and there are many different ways you can incorporate their key features. And, of course, the final design will have your golden seal of approval, so you know it will be perfect for you. 

What Is A Ranch Style House?

Okay, so, first things first, just what exactly is a ranch style house? As already mentioned, it is a home that is all on one level, so it is perfect for older people with specific mobility issues. It boasts an open plan design with a devoted patio space incorporated into it too. The roofline is usually long and low-pitched, and it has very large windows adorning the front of the house. This makes it appear open and inviting. In regards to the shape, they are normally rectangular, however, many have a ‘U‘ or an ‘L’ shape. They have sliding glass doors that open up onto the patio area. There is normally a garage attached too, and deep, overhanging eaves. It is usually composed of a mixture of materials, including stucco, wood, brick, or stone. Most ranch style houses have a basement and at least three bedrooms, all separated for comfort.     

Ranch Style House Plans

There is a lot to play with when it comes to designing a ranch style house. Obviously, Bianchi-Tillett Developers have a wide range of ranch style house plans available for you to consult, but it’s your perfect home, so you can get creative. So you need to think about what exactly you want to include. To help you decide, think about the five different ranch style house designs:

  1. California Ranch - these ranches are built in either an ‘L’ or a ‘U’ shape and are built low to the ground. It is a sprawling, one-story structure and blends in with the natural environment. It boasts a patio and a front lawn.
  2. Suburban Ranch - this is also in the ‘L’ or a ‘U’ shape. However, it is more of a compact and asymmetrical design. It has a garage and a backyard.
  3. Split-Level Ranch - okay, so we said no upstairs. This style breaks that rule by having three levels of staggered living space. The front door opens up onto the open plan living and kitchen areas. Then it boasts two half-flight staircases which lead to the bedrooms and more living space.
  4. Raised Ranch- again, this breaks the one-level rule but is completely different from the split-level design. The front door opens up onto a staircase which allows you to go up as well as down. The kitchen and bedrooms are normally found upstairs.
  5. Storybook Ranch - this one gets its name from all the stunning ornamental details it boasts. It showcases some diamond-shaped window panes. The chimney is decorative too, constructed of brick or stone. It also has a steep, gabled roof.

Front Porch Ranch Style House

A front porch ranch style house simply makes the home look better. It allows you to sit comfortably outside the front of the house without needing to perch on the grass. Many stunning ranch style houses have a front porch, as it gives it that extra lift needed.

Customizations and Bringing the Outside In

Its open-plan design and large windows and sliding doors really maximize the feel of outside space. Don’t add dividers to close the space up. Keep it open. With the high vaulted ceilings a ranch style house offers, it really will seem airy with a light atmosphere. With the sliding doors and the integrated patio area, you can make it seem as if the outdoor space is part of the indoor space, with the indoor decor migrating outdoors. 


There is a lot of choice when it comes to building a ranch style house. The benefits are many as it is large, open, airy, and allows you to maximize space by bringing the outside indoors. A front porch ranch style house gives the house that little extra "va va voom" too. It all depends on what you want and your particular ideas on style. 

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