If you have already gone to the trouble of building a pool, then you need to advance to the next level and build a pool house. There are so many fantastic pool house ideas out there that you are simply spoiled for choice. If you don’t already know, then a pool house is an out building built beside the pool. It is a building that exudes convenience. Anything for the pool, be that snorkels, flippers, swimwear, towels, can be safely stored away in there, out of the main house. It is also a great place that ensures no swimming pool water will be traipsed into the house, ruining that flooring. All the pool changes can go on in there. 

Also, if you have a toilet and shower installed, you’ll have that peace of mind that nothing wet will get into the house. In addition, if you really think about some good pool house ideas, and build it right, the pool house can double as a guest house as well as a playroom for the children or grandchildren. The grandkids will love coming to grandpa and grandmas house and love you more for it.  

Building A Pool House

A pool house can be a stunning feature for your backyard. In many cases, it is like a mini-house and adds so much in terms of style and substance to the property. But when it comes to building a pool house, you first need to decide what you want with your budget. What utilities does it need to have, and what level of amenities does it require? You need to think about the size of the pool house and who will be using it. 

Then you can get on to the more creative aspect, such as the pool house design. Do you want it to mirror the main house, for example? Will it be custom-built or a prefab? A pool house with all the amenities of the main house, meaning it is a habitable structure, will need the same permissions as a normal building, so bear that in mind. You also need to consider zoning laws, which dictate how close to the water’s edge your backyard pool house can be.

How Large Does Your Pool House Need To Be?

The size of your pool house will depend upon the size available in your backyard and all that you want inside the pool house. Clearly, the larger your yard, the bigger you can go. Also, it will depend on what you will be using the pool house for and the amenities you intend to build into the structure. There are a few considerations you need to make. Rather than listing all of those requirements here, as they can change, contact us and we can give you the rundown.

There are some absolutely fantastic pool houses, just make sure if you’re wanting to build one alongside your new custom home, that the cost of that structure is in the budget as well. We could easily build a cabana style pool house that’s on the smaller side, or we could build a poolside guest house that your visitors would be giddy to stay in! 

Pool House Decor

You can get very creative with your pool house decor as there are so many pool house ideas out there. You can make it as stylish and upmarket as you want. Is it going to be a place for entertaining, as it makes perfect sense? What is better than sitting beside the pool? With the ability to just pop in the pool house and go to the bathroom or make some food for everyone. Here are a few pool house ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Make a bar space.
  • You need lighting so evening shenanigans can migrate to night easily.
  • Have part of it open up to the pool, like an indoor/outdoor space. 
  • Including a toilet is a must have for even smaller pool houses!
  • Storage closets for extra storage.
  • Make it an escape, so it feels like a holiday home.
  • Ensure towels are easily accessible.
  • Install a barbecue and a firepit.
  • Ensure it is open and airy.
  • How about a game room?
  • What about having part of the pool come into the actual pool house?
  • Add a rooftop balcony that overlooks the whole pool area.
  • Have a hot tub half in the pool house and half in the pool. 
  • Include an office space for a quiet work area away from the main house.

Is A Pool House For You?

Having a pool is a must in places like California, but a pool with a pool house adds distinction and class. With so many pool house ideas and the ability to go for anything from a shed to a guest house, you can be sure that this feature will add value and style to your property. Contact us today for more information about building a pool house with your custom home.

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