Swimming pools are a great way to cool off during the summer. Pool designs have come a long way in recent years, and you can find many different types of pools depending on your preferences. From simple to luxury, there is something for everyone. Whether you want a small pool that sits right up against your house or one that features an elaborate water slide and rock fountain feature, there’s a builder to make your dreams come true.

Before getting a pool, you need to consider;

  • Your budget
  • The space available
  • The company doing the job

Pool Design Ideas

Pool designs have come a long way in recent years, and you can find many different types of pools depending on your preferences. From simple to luxury, the sky's the limit when it comes to pool design ideas that are possible to achieve. 

Modern Pool Designs

Modern pool designs have gone from the standard rectangle shape to something more exciting and unique. For example, these pools can now be a perfect circle or any other shape that you desire. Creative pool designers have also emerged with many different features, including slides for adults and children alike, waterfalls, rock formations and even sunken hot tubs.

Rectangular Pool Designs

If you want a simple pool that doesn't have any extravagant features, then rectangular pool designs are best for you. These pools come in many different sizes and shapes to accommodate most backyards. The beauty of these pools is their simplicity- they don't take up too much space and are convenient.

Fiberglass Pool Designs

If you want a pool that's not only beautiful but also very durable, then fiberglass pool designs are the way to go. These pools come from fibreglass, which has been sprayed with resin and reinforced with glass-fibers. This makes them virtually maintenance-free as they can last up to 30 years before needing any type of repair or replacement.

Natural Pool Design Ideas

If you're looking for pool designs with an earthy feel, then natural pool designs are the perfect type of design. These pools are made from materials such as stone or dirt and don't contain any chemicals whatsoever. They also often feature trees, water plants, and waterfalls, which gives them an earthy look, making them more reminiscent of a pond than your typical pool.

Open-Sided Pool Designs

If you want to enjoy your pool all year round, then an open-sided design is best for you. These types of pools are framed in metal, usually aluminium or steel, and they have a plastic lining that prevents the water from escaping through the openings on either side. The only downside with these pools is that you have to be very careful with how much weight they can hold.

Infinity Pool Designs

If you have a view from your pool, then an infinity pool design is perfect for you. These pools have an edge that is just at water level, and they have a continuous water flow over the edge that's recirculated into the pool. This gives an appearance of no edge to the pool, allowing the view to be almost integrated into the reflection of the pool. 

Custom Pool Designs

Custom pool designs are perfect for those who need something unique. These pools can be anything you want them to be- from an infinity pool with an underwater window to a lazy river that runs through your back yard and into the house! The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom design options.

Luxury Pool Designs

If you want to have the best pool on the block, then luxury designs are what you need. Luxury pools come with all of the bells and whistles- elaborate water slides, diving boards, hot tubs and a variety of other features that will transform your backyard into an oasis. Do you want a custom water feature that doubles as a rock to jump off of into the pool? It can be done! Do you want a natural looking waterfall coming into your pool or even a waterfall over a tunnel? We’ve got you covered! We work with the best pool construction companies in Sacramento to bring your dreams to reality. 

How Much Does an In-ground Pool Cost?

If you’re wondering, “how much does an in-ground pool cost?” The cost varies from region to region, but they can run between $100-350 per sq foot depending on design and additional features. Keep in mind that this is just a rough estimate and could vary depending on your location, local demand, and supply.

How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool?

So how long does it take to build a pool? Well, the time it takes to build a pool varies depending on the size and complexity of your design. In general, smaller pools usually take anywhere from 12 weeks to 18 weeks, while expansive projects can take well over a year.


Hopefully, this article helped you learn more about the different types of pool designs out there for the perfect addition to your custom home. Feel free to pick any luxury pool design and contact us to connect you with the top pool construction companies in the Sacramento area.

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