Are you looking to create a luxurious outdoor living space? Outdoor living spaces are gaining popularity as people want to utilize not only their indoor space, but their outdoor space as well. Whether it's for entertaining guests, relaxing with family or creating space for solitude - there's no better way than making your own outdoor oasis! In this blog post we will discuss how to plan and design your perfect outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living Space Ideas

The first step to creating your dream outdoor living space is deciding what you want it for. Do you need an area for entertaining guests? An open area for kids to play? Does it need to be covered? Are you designing it around a pool or other feature? The more answers you have to these initial questions, the more quickly you'll be able to start framing what the space will include and look like.

Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

Covered outdoor spaces can add a remarkable feature to your home. Even if you don't live in a temperate climate, outdoor covered areas can include misters and fans to extend the living area of your home. Covered outdoor living spaces can be a wonderful solution for those who want to enjoy their yard year-round. Covered areas are great for entertaining during the winter months when people may not feel like braving the elements, or they're just too hot in summertime.

Outdoor Living Spaces With Pool

When you spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a pool, you want to make sure and have outdoor spaces around it that will maximize not only its utility, but it's beauty as well.  One of the most important aspects to designing a pool area is making sure you have enough room for entertaining. It's also advisable that when building an outdoor living space around your pool, that you make it as bi-leveled or multi-tiered as possible so all areas are not equal in height. This is especially useful if you live on a sloped lot. It gives a lot of character and gravitas to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Living Spaces With Fireplace

Outdoor living spaces with a fireplace can really add a touch of elegance and warmth to your outdoor living space. A fireplace can be a focal point, but it's also an excellent place for heaters or fans in the colder months when you are not using the pool.

Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces

Luxury outdoor living spaces can include  a variety of features. A luxury outdoor living space is generally a big investment, so you should take the time to get it right and make sure you've thought everything through before committing to anything. Done right, and the area can become the signature piece to your home.  The sky's the limit in regard to what these luxurious areas can include. Talk to your builder if you're looking to go all out for a luxury outdoor living space.

How To Plan An Outdoor Living Space

When looking at creating an outdoor living space, one must decide what features you want in the space. Do you need a dining area? Perhaps an outdoor kitchen area with a cooking grill, sink and storage for food supplies? A fire pit or fireplace surrounded by comfortable couches and chairs? The number of answers to these questions will also help determine how much square footage your outdoor living space needs. But you should always start with the requirements of the space. Know what you want it to be able to do, provide, and you'll be on your way to matching your dreams with the end result.

Once you have a general idea of what you want the outdoor living space to include, sketch it out on paper. Include all details such as dimensions, furniture placement, feature placements, plantings etc., then take that to your builder so they are aware of your ideas for the outside living area.


When it comes to outdoor living spaces, there are a ton of different options to suit a wide variety of tastes and budgets. These range from covered outdoor areas with a fireplace and sofas, to multi-tiered heated sitting areas overlooking a pool a. These spaces can be used for entertainment purposes or just lounging by the fire in cool weather. The best part about creating your own outdoor living space is that it's like a vacation in your own backyard. Talk to Bianchi-Tillet Developers and include one with your custom home today.

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