Orangevale CA is a city near Sacramento County, California. It has an estimated population of just over 30,000 people and spans about 12 square miles. Orangevale is a quick 10 minutes from downtown Sacramento and 20 minutes from Roseville. If you're looking for a great place to build a custom home, continue reading to see what Orangevale, CA has to offer!

About Orangevale, CA

Weather In Orangevale, CA

The weather in Orangevale is generally mild year-round. The hottest month of the year is July, with an average high temperature of 85 degrees.
Temperature and precipitation are highly variable across California's landscape, which means that it can rain two inches in some places while others receive no more than a few sprinkles each day. It typically gets about 21 inches of rain per year, so well below the national average of 38 inches per year. Orangevale racks up about 264 days of sun each year as well, so you can see that it's a pretty nice place to live as far as weather goes.

Orangevale CA, Crime

Crime in Orangevale is relatively low with a rate of 16.1/100 for violent crime and prime crime is below average as well at 30.7/100. The national averages are 22.7 and 35.4 respectively. Orangevale is a safer than average city.

Schools In Orangevale CA

Orangevale High School was established in 1913 and is a public high school that provides students with solid educational opportunities. Schools in Orangevale, CA get good marks for quality of education - no matter if your kids are elementary, middle school, or high school age. The California Montessori Project is also located in Orangevale, CA, giving an alternative to traditional schooling. In addition, Options For Youth, is a free public charter school making a name for itself.

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Things To Do In Orangevale CA

There are a variety of things to do in Orangevale from visiting nearby Folsom Lake, to taking in the Orangevale restaurants. Not to mention it's proximity to both Sacramento and Roseville, there's basically nothing you can't find within a short drive from Orangevale.

Blue Nami Orangevale

Blue Nami is a sake and sushi restaurant that has made a name for itself with reasonably priced sushi with traditional fare. If you're in the area try their Shrimp Tempura or Stuffed Mushrooms - both favorites of locals!

Boardwalk Orangevale

If music is your thing, then the Boardwalk in Orangevale will not disappoint. They offer local artists a venue ranging from hot rock to country. Check them out and bring your earplugs!

Orangevale Park

The Orangevale Park is maintained by the Orangeville Parks and Rec. The 76 acre community park offers fun amenities including a great play structure for younger kids, a covered picnic area, an 18 hole disc golf course, and even a horse area! It's definitely worth checking out!

Orangevale Restaurants

In general Orangevale Restaurants are not well known outside the area, but serve good food for a quick bite. Some of the local favorites, (beside Blue Nami above) are:

  • Sutter Street Steakhouse
  • Karen's Bakery
  • Chicago Fire
  • LA Placita

Orangevale Farmers Market

The Orangevale Farmers' Market is a certified Farmers' Market well loved by the dedicated Orangevale community! The Orangevale Farmers' Market offers fresh produce, fruit, honey, salsa, tamales, eggs or other locally made products. The market only operates seasonally from May through September. The market is open one day a week on Thursdays from 3-8pm.

Orangevale Pool

The Orangevale Pool is a community pool run by the Orangevale Parks and Rec. If you're looking for a place to cool off, look no further! The pool also offers swim lessons, lap swim, and even a swim team. See more at the website here:

Job Market in Orangevale CA

Because of the close proximity to Sacramento the job market in Orangevale CA is highly dependent on what's happening in the "big city" next door. The Orangevale job market has a future job growth estimate of 34.8%, making it slightly better than the national average. It's 10 year growth is pretty decent at 7.8%.

If you're looking at working in Sacramento and commuting to your home in Orangevale, it wouldn't be a problem. It's only about a half hour drive from downtown Sacramento to Orangevale.

Orangevale Real Estate

The average price of a home in Orangevale CA, according to Zillow, is $519,000. Prices have risen 16.3% from just a year ago, making it a very strong real estate market. As of August 2021, homes for sale in Orangevale, CA are on the market an average of about 43 days.
If you don't want to deal with the stress of looking at homes for sale in Orangevale, why not build your own custom home?

Custom Homes In Orangevale CA

There are so many builders near Orangevale, CA that it can be difficult to know which ones are experienced or not. Looking up Yelp reviews, or clicking on websites like or are at times misleading. Builders can simply just pay to be listed as a top builder, even if they aren't as experienced as another.

It's important to find out upfront what you need and want from your new home, as well as the builder's record with past customers. Look at a builders portfolio of homes that they have built themselves. Not just floor plans, but custom homes that they have built near Sacramento.

Talk to past customers to hear what their experience was. We've worked with many clients over the years and are confident of the quality and experience that we deliver with every home we build.


Orangevale, CA is a great place to live. It's an even better place when you're living in your own custom home! When you are ready for your new home, contact our team at Bianchi-Tillett Developers today and we'll get started on design plans that fit your lifestyle!

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