New Homes Granite Bay CA


Dreaming of new homes in Granite Bay, CA? Wide, tree-lined streets curve around Folsom Lake, inviting relaxation and fun to fill busy lives. Close proximity to Sacramento makes living in Granite Bay the best of both worlds. Perfect for families who want to give their children small town play with the opportunities of California’s capitol around the corner. New homes in Granite Bay, CA are starting to fill up and more people are realizing that this is the place to live to enjoy a scenic community just a short drive to business and shopping.

About Granite Bay CA

Granite Bay, CA was founded in the 1800’s with the onset of the gold rush. When the dam was built, creating Folsom Lake, and the farmlands were broken up to create suburban neighborhoods, more families began moving to this idyllic community.

Weather In Granite Bay CA

California is known for their sun and mild climate. Granite Bay makes the most of this year-round. With hot summers and mild, rainy winters it is a pleasant place to call home. New homes in Granite Bay, CA are built to withstand the warm summers with plenty of outside space to enjoy the weather. Spring and Fall months are the most temperate with ranges from 70-85 degrees. When it starts to heat up, many families will head to the lake or backyard swimming pools to cool off. This active community encourages family friendly pursuits, such as hiking, biking, and swimming. The local weather keeps people outside and playing hard.

Granite Bay Ca Crime Rate

With so many communities experiencing increased crime rates, families moving to new areas need to make sure that they will be residing in a safe area. The Granite Bay, CA crime rate is lower than most areas in CA with 54% less crime than the national average and 58% less than the state average. These low crime rates help to ensure that living in Granite Bay, CA is safe and stress-free for busy families.

Schools In Granite Bay Ca

The Eureka School District supplies excellent education to students in the local area. Schools in Granite Bay, CA have long been known for providing competitive learning opportunities to students who are eager to learn and grow. All of the schools in Granite Bay, CA have remarkable ratings. For families looking for a more tailored education, there are many private schools available for their children. However, the public education available is one of the best in the area and a strong contributor to the influx of families.

Granite Bay Ca Demographics

Granite Bay, CA is mostly made up of highly educated individuals. With an average income of $132,000 per household, families enjoy a quality lifestyle. The majority of people with Granite Bay, CA homes are White, followed by Hispanic, Asian, and Black. Many of the locals are involved in business, politics, or sports. The growing diversity in the area has led to a more well-rounded community that values the variety of people who call it home.

Thing To Do In Granite Bay Ca

There are many exciting things to do in Granite Bay, CA. From swimming in Folsom Lake to dining at one of the many upscale restaurants, families are finding that they rarely have to leave this peaceful community.

Otow Orchard is a longtime favorite for families living in Granite Bay, CA. It’s local farm stand filled with ripe peaches and persimmons is a great way to add in fresh produce. Beautiful trees and natural vibe invite many to make it a seasonal tradition.

Quarry Ponds is a high-end shopping center inviting locals to enjoy the varied amenities of their area. Featuring salons, coffee shops, and retail space it also hosts the farmer’s market on Sundays.

Miner’s Ravine Trail Loop invites active families to hop on a bike or take a stroll along the river and by many parks. It is able to accommodate many fitness levels and even welcomes dogs on a leash.

Folsom Lake Granite Bay, CA offers sandy beaches, roped off swimming, and lifeguards on duty. It’s a favorite for a reason and one of the best features for new homes in Granite Bay. Nothing like the ease of lakeside living in the middle of suburban sprawl!

With the close connection to local wine in California, there are many tasting rooms and high-end restaurants to enjoy in Granite Bay, CA. It’s the ideal location to buy fresh produce at Otow Orchard, take a walk along the Marine River Loop, sun yourself at Folsom Lake and end your day with a wine tasting at VinUva tasting room or dinner at Hawks, a longstanding favorite.

Average Home Price In Granite Bay CA

With the myriad amenities and upscale attractions in Granite Bay, CA it’s no surprise that the cost of living is increasing dramatically. There has never been a better time to buy than right now as houses are quickly scooped up by eager buyers who recognize the value of the local market. Average home price in Granite Bay, CA is close to $1,000,000. However, savvy home buyers may find this is the perfect time to buy a plot of land to build a custom home or invest in one of the quality new homes in Granite Bay, CA. The wide-open farmlands, old trees, tucked away neighborhoods, and big lots make this the ideal place to settle down for families looking for the best that Placer County has to offer.

Luxury Homes For Sale In Granite Bay CA

New homes in Granite Bay, CA are building out the local area and filling up the few remaining spaces available. The large lot size makes it more difficult to tuck a large number of homes in this exclusive neighborhood. Which makes luxury homes for sale in Granite Bay, CA a quickly moving commodity. Families who prefer the sweetness o fa community that is grounded in rich history with close proximity to work and play are quickly filling up the few remaining homes available. Granite Bay homes are on large lots with towering trees, wide streets, and close to varied amenities and excellent schools.


The real estate market is increasing as more families realize the value of their community and the importance of comfort in tumultuous times. There has never been a better time to invest in a Granite Bay, CA home. The low crime rates, high achieving schools, family friendly activities, and local amenities are inviting well educated members of the Sacramento area to invest in this exclusive neighborhood. Luxury homes for sale in Granite Bay, CA only stay on the market for a short time. With sunny California weather and Folsom Lake just a short walk, more families are looking to settle in an area that gives them the best that Placer County has to offer. If you are looking to build a luxury home in Granite Bay, CA, contact us today for more details.