The modern design style is becoming more and more popular in the home construction industry. Modern homes are characterized by clean lines, bold colors, an open floor plan, and sleek furnishings. With the rise of the modern design movement in recent years, there has been a shift from traditional to contemporary styles. The result? More people are choosing to build their dream home than ever before! If you're looking for modern design inspiration and ideas on how to incorporate these designs into your new or existing home, this blog post will provide plenty of great information for you!

Modern Home Design Ideas

Modern home design is often thought of as a Scandinavian style. This timeless design is often associated with clean lines, bold colors, and natural beauty. There are many ways of incorporating this modern style into your own home. You can create a Scandinavian-inspired room by painting the walls in white or light colors to contrast against dark wood furniture and floors. Another way you could incorporate this style would be to use warm neutrals such as cream or taupe on the walls for an elegant feel that's equally lovely.

Modern home design often includes plenty of natural light through large windows or patio doors to bring in the environment outside. You could easily complement this style with an outdoor living space, separated by retractable walls or large doors.

Modern Home Exterior Design

Modern home exterior design often combines timber, plaster, bamboo, glass, metal and concrete with tall vertical panels intersecting with sloping horizontal levels to create its striking and modern design.

This style can be complemented with modern roof designs such as overhangs, verandas and balconies. Another trending option that's available with modern design and flat roofs, are roof decks. With modern design it's possible to leverage some portion of your roof for living space!

Modern Home Interior Design

Modern interior design ideas include decorating with simple geometric shapes, bright pops of color on accent walls or furniture pieces and incorporating minimalist accents like cool lighting fixtures and sleek storage.

Another hallmark of modern home design is the use of metal and glass. Stainless steel is a favorite accent with this style, not only for countertops, appliances and home decor, but in the structure, staircases and walls as well.

If you want a more contemporary look in your home interior design that's always fresh and new, try using clean lines to create an open feel, then add splashes of color around the space to keep it vibrant.

Modern Home Office Design

If you're designing a modern home office, the first thing to consider is space. How large does it need to be? Will it be part of another room, or set apart on its own? Bear in mind the space needed doesn't just include square footage, it also includes head-height clearance for desks, books and shelving units. And remember the most important feature when setting up an office at home - ergonomics! It's essential that you design an environment where you can be comfortable sitting down and even work standing up.

Modern Home Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern kitchens are typically light and airy spaces where rough surfaces contrast beautifully against sleek cabinetry or dark stone countertops. A modern kitchen is designed to be a functional space that promotes healthy living, so there are always plenty of hidden storage areas for food items and appliances (microwave in cabinet, dishwasher tucked away).

There's no need for plain white walls either - you can add color with interesting artwork hung above the sink or on the fridge door. Typically dark granite counters allow you to provide contrast to lighter wall tones or glass. This creates a quite striking look that is sure to capture the eye of all your visitors.

Modern Home Design Plans

These days, when you think of a traditional or modern house plan the first thing that comes to mind is often straight lines. This doesn't mean that the design is boring or too stark. Designers now use many different types of styles and elements judiciously so as not to create an interior look that's too jarring for homeowners who are used to more traditional homes.

That being said, today there are several popular trends in home building that have been popping up among designers which can help guide your decisions on what might be right for you. Talk to the team at Bianchi-Tillett Developers to get ideas on what some of these modern home design plans could be.

Modern Home Design Plans And Ideas That Are Eco Friendly Too!

The modern home design trend has been growing steadily over the past decade as more people choose to build their dream homes than ever before. There are so many ways you can incorporate eco friendly features into your new custom home.

The modern design actually lends itself to being eco-friendly because of all the natural light that is leveraged. Another area to pay close attention to when building an eco-friendly house is water usage and the use of energy efficient lights and solar panels. Solar panels fit right in with the modern design.


The modern home design trend has been growing steadily over the past decade or more as more people choose to build their dream homes than ever before. If the ideas of modern design have got you dreaming of what your own custom built home could be, contact us today to get specifics and details. Your own custom built modern home could be closer than you think!

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