When you are building a custom home, you have a lot to consider to make your home stand out. You need to know the best roofing options, the right flooring choices and - for the best aesthetics - the correct house siding that will suit your new home. Exterior siding isn’t just there to look good, however, as you do need to consider the uses behind it to have the best possible outcome for the house. 

House siding can be practical as much as it can be beautiful, and we’ve put together a list of the different materials and styles that you should consider for your home.

Types of Siding

As you know, there are a lot of different types of siding available for your home. House siding is an important feature, but it’s also practical for the home itself. Let’s take a look at all the difference types of siding that you have to choose from:

Vinyl Siding

A synthetic material for the side of your home, vinyl siding is a popular choice due to its low maintenance qualities and lower cost. It’s a versatile option for the house and along with that, vinyl siding is very durable. Vinyl siding comes in a range of colors and forms, from shingles to fish scales depending on your tastes!

Board And Batten Siding

If you want to be a little more creative with your house siding, consider the benefits of board and batten siding. Some of the wood used in board and batten siding include redwood, pine, fir and cedar. You can even choose engineered board and batten siding, too. It makes the house seem taller than it is as it’s usually a vertical installation, and it doesn't rot!

Hardie Board Siding

Created by James Hardie and also known as cement board siding, Hardie board siding has been around for some time. It’s known to be a long-lasting, low-maintenance material and it measures up to its excellent reputation. It’s storm and fire resistant, too!

Fiber Cement Siding

It’s a high class siding option, but fiber cement siding is often compared to vinyl siding. Fiber cement siding is man made and it’s always created to be a perfect mimic of another material. It’s a great option for that natural wood look but a cheaper option all round. It’s popularity comes from it having a Class 1A fire proof rating, it’s water resistant and it isn't one to attract pests. If you live in an area like California, where wildfires are possible, consider this as an option. 

Cedar Siding

This is the most popular of all the wood sidings. It’s easy to maintain and you can choose some of the best options for your cedar siding, too. It’s beautiful to look at and it’s easy to install. It’s typically widely available and can be found at a decent cost. 

Clapboard Siding

This siding is made from boards that are tapered, so one side is thicker than the other. Clapboard siding is designed to overlap with each other, and the individual boards are aesthetically pleasing when overlapped together. 

Shiplap Siding

If you want a stronger alternative to softwood or manufactured cladding, shiplap siding does the job here! It looks good, it’s easy to maintain and it is a simple choice for the house siding that you need for your home.

Stone Veneer Siding

Natural stone veneer siding is the perfect option if you want to add some texture to the exterior of your home. Stone veneer siding offers you a natural look and it’s cheaper and easier to install than the natural stone option. You will also find that it’s much easier to install, too!

Log Siding

If you want that rustic look for your home, log siding does the job beautifully. You can choose cedar logs, pine or redwood and find that drying and treating your logs will give them a longer life. You’ll also find that they can be stained or painted in their natural state.

Stucco Siding

Usually, stucco is made with a mix of cement and sand, but it can be made in a range of different materials and mixes to give you the right shapes and textures throughout. You can apply it to wooden, stone or brick surfaces and it can really make your home stand out. 


Choosing the right house siding for your custom built home isn't always an easy decision! You have to consider the climate where you are, the look of the neighborhood and whether your house siding choices will stand out or fit into the rest of the street. You deserve to have a home that looks good and that starts with making the right house siding choice for your home. Talk with us to get expert advice on what siding type might be best for your custom home project. 

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