Homes for sale in Folsom, CA are inviting to homeowners who enjoy shopping, outdoor activities, the amenities offered in the city, as well as the quick escape to Lake Tahoe. Built along Folsom Lake, as well as bordering Natomas lake; this area offers a wealth of beauty and adventurous outings. It has become a family friendly suburb that offers affordable living, surrounded by parks, walking trails, and a welcoming community. It’s the perfect place to find a new home or build a custom home in an area that hasn’t been overpriced by current bidding wars. 

About Folsom CA

Folsom, CA was built up in the late 1800’s as a way to connect the gold miners with Sacramento. In 1956, Folsom Dam was built, creating Folsom Lake, a delightful recreation area to swim, picnic, camp, bike, and enjoy a cooler activity in the hot summer months. Folsom, CA is a suburb of Sacramento, the capital of California. With a busy downtown, multiple shopping opportunities, Sacramento River access, and a myriad of activities to enjoy, Folsom offers a delightful reprieve for those who want to live outside the busy city. Families looking for homes for sale in Folsom get to choose between parks, lake, or bike trail access. It’s the perfect location for active individuals and families looking to settle down. 

Folsom Weather

Folsom weather is mild and temperate in the winter, with rainy days sprinkled with doses of sunshine. The summer months can climb into high 90’s low 100’s with a dry heat, sending children through sprinklers or inviting swimmers into the cool waters. 

Folsom Crime Rate

The crime rate in Folsom, CA is significantly lower than many other areas in California. Ranking number 8 as one of California’s safest cities, it’s a great area for families looking to settle down and enjoy peace of mind. 

Schools In Folsom CA

When families are looking to build a custom home or settle in a new area, it’s important to know that the schools are high quality and a great option for their children. The schools in Folsom, CA rank higher than the national average. The quality education is a great source of value for families who want to know their children will receive the best school environment in the local area. 

Folsom Demographics

Folsom, CA has a diverse population with a higher proportion of white, traditional families, about 70%. Asian families make up about 20%, followed by mixed race individuals, and black families. As more families make their home in Folsom, CA, it is believed that the area will become more diverse. Folsom, CA is a family-oriented community, with many progressive individuals purchasing homes in their quiet neighborhoods.

Things To Do In Folsom

When looking for homes for sale in Folsom, CA, it’s important to explore the varied amenities the local community has to offer. Folsom Lake is a beautiful reprieve in the hot summer months. Offering miles of shoreline, fishing, camping, swimming, boating, biking, and many family and adventure friendly activities. 

The Folsom Outlets offer a budget friendly option to the high-end stores in the surrounding communities. From Coach to Vans, there is something for everyone in the family. The wide-open, mall style, shopping plaza is great for families who need space for littles to run between stores. 

Folsom features a rich historic district, reminiscent of the gold rush and pony express riders. The wild west country atmosphere is enticing to families, tourists, and individuals looking for a fun filled afternoon. The pedestrian promenade offers varied shopping and dining opportunities for all ranges of fun-seekers. 

Restaurants bring the heart of community together with delicious food and welcoming spaces. Folsom restaurants feature fine dining, a variety of diverse cuisine, and many family friendly options. Check out Chicago Fire or Sutter Street Steakhouse if you’re looking for a delicious culinary experience. 

The Folsom Zoo is a sanctuary for many different species. Inviting different youth ages to take part in junior zookeeper camps it’s a great way to involve kids in the zoo experience. The Folsom Valley Railway is an easy and fun way to get around the zoo and experience all the different animals. 

Folsom, CA is a beautiful suburb of Sacramento. Offering a wide variety of opportunities from adventure to shopping, it’s a wonderful place to raise a family or work from home. Just a short drive to Lake Tahoe or San Francisco, it’s an oasis that offers some of the best of California at your fingertips. 

Average Home Price In Folsom CA

There are many homes for sale in Folsom, CA, currently. During a time when the real estate market is heating up, the average home price in Folsom, CA is $675,000. Considering that the average home price in California is close to $700,000; Folsom still offers a competitive edge for those looking to purchase in an established area. 

Many strategic shoppers are preferring to purchase property in order to build a custom home. Regardless of whether you are looking for something turn-key, something to fix up, or something to make exactly yours, there are many options available in Folsom, CA. 

Luxury Homes For Sale In Folsom CA

Exclusive neighborhoods offer luxury homes for sale in Folsom, CA. For those looking for a spacious estate overlooking the lake or if there is a desire for a wooded, farm style home; there are multiple options. Luxury homes in Folsom, CA offer the highest amenities from styled design, to large lots, and beautiful views. Enjoy a luxury home at a lower cost than many of California’s other markets. It’s the perfect space to invest in a beautiful home that offers the best living quality. Contact us about finding your lot to build on today. 


Folsom, CA offers luxury living in a quiet community that offers a wide range of options for families and individuals. If you are looking for homes for sale in Folsom, CA, now is a great time to start looking through the many options. Imagine spending the day adventuring around the lake, riding a train around the zoo, and ending your day enjoying the sunset from one of the many delicious restaurants. Folsom, CA is a safe community, inviting diverse families to enjoy riding bikes or strolling through the historic district. Contact us today and see how we can make your custom home dream come true. 

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