Are you ready for a home upgrade? When was the last time you thought about your home decor and design? For some people, they don't get to upgrade anything for years and once they do, lighting is usually bottom of the list - and it shouldn't be

Your home lighting design is going to transform the rooms in your house. The choice of home lighting that you use in the corridors, rooms and even the outside of the home will determine the way that you feel as you walk into each space. You deserve a classy vibe in your home, and we’ve got some of the most simple and stylish solutions for your home lighting design below - let’s take a look!

Home Lighting Does Not Have To Be Complex To Be Compelling

If you want your home to be stylish, keep it simple. You don't have to overdo it when it comes to your home lighting design.

Types Of Light Fixtures

There are plenty of types of light fixtures out there that can change the ambience of any room as you walk into it. Having the right lighting will make a difference to the way you feel when you enter the space, so don't choose your fixtures carelessly. Understanding your options will help!

Ceiling Lights 

There are so many different types of ceiling lights out there that it’s easy to want them all. The good news? You could have them all! From pendant lights in the corridors to chandeliers in the living room, there are ceiling lights that will match the tone of any room. You could even choose ceiling fans with ceiling lights built into them should the mood take you!

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is installed to hide within the ceiling or the tops of the walls. The wiring is all hidden and tidied away. Recessed lighting is a versatile option as they can be used for accent lighting, ambient lighting and more!

Wall Lights

Two of the most popular types of wall lights you could choose from include cove lighting and wall sconces. Wall lights are often installed to “uplight” the wall, creating a calming and simply beautiful atmosphere.

Track Lighting

These are lights that are installed in a track and allow light to be aimed in different directions. Often, you’ll find tracks that have several heads in one place. You can use these as accent lighting, or as part of a staircase to light the way.

Fluorescent Light

Usually used in kitchens and bathrooms to light the space for tasks, fluorescent lighting produces ultraviolet light - it’s great for around your mirrors!

Curtain Lights

To create an ethereal look, you can use the fun of curtain lights to help you out. These add some drama to any room of the house, and they hang like curtains to enhance the look of the space.

Room Lights

The lights that you use outside won’t be the same as the room lights you can choose from. Room lights can include anything from chandeliers to pendant lighting, but they must be a focal point.

Kitchen Lighting

Whether you choose overhead task kitchen lighting or not, you should always choose under cabinet lighting for your kitchen. You can better see what you’re cooking and give your kitchen a comfortable atmosphere at the same time. You need to see what you’re doing, and kitchen lighting should be bright to really reach every corner of the room.

Dining Room Lighting

Dining room lighting should offer both ambience and a bright space. Many people choose to use two different lighting types here, from pendant lighting and chandeliers to sconces and cove lighting.

Bedroom Ceiling Lights

You need ambient lighting in a bedroom to soften the room, but you also need task lighting if you plan to apply makeup or get dressed here. You could go for softer bedroom ceiling lights and then opt for oversized lamps that hang over the desk or the dressing table space. Either way, you need to provide enough light for the whole room.

Bathroom Lights

As with the kitchen, your bathroom needs bright lighting so that you can see what you’re doing. Bathroom vanity lights should illuminate your face and help you to see what you’re doing during your evening routines. Generally, you can choose for your bathroom lights to be ceiling or wall-mounted; it’s up to you!

Living Room Lighting 

This is the room where you want to have accent lighting included to draw the eye to your artwork or your bookcases. You can also include ceiling lights in your living room lighting plan to light the whole space.

Home Office Lighting

Working from home is much easier with the right lamps and ceiling lights as part of your home office lighting plans. You need this to be direct lighting so you don't strain your eyes.

Outdoor Lighting

While we’re discussing your options for indoor lighting, we can’t miss out on your outdoor lighting for your home lighting design. You need both outdoor lighting for security and to welcome guests, and landscape lighting to show off your beautiful lawns and ornaments. Of course, landscape lighting also works for security, too, but it’s mostly for being able to sit outside to enjoy the evening!

The Takeaway

No matter the home lighting design you choose, you can ensure that your home feels and looks warm as a result. Contact Bianchi-Tillett Developers today to discuss the ideas your have for your home design - we'll bring it to reality!

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