You have a lot of different choices when it comes to home design. Will you go for something traditional or modern? Old world or sleek and contemporary? There is no right answer, but there are some important things to keep in mind as you make your way through the process. Read on for some great tips and advice that will help you design the home of your dreams!

Home Design Ideas

There are a lot of great home design ideas out there. You just have to find the ones that work best for you! Take time to look at pictures, magazines and online articles and draw inspiration from all over the world. What do you want your space to say? How do you want to feel? Choose designs and colors in keeping with these feelings so they will match most closely with your desired outcome.

Home Interior Design

The interior is where we spend most of our time together as families and couples, cooking and eating meals, relaxing after tough days at work. It doesn't matter if it's a sleek modern loft or an old farmhouse - every home has its own personality which needs to be celebrated through color schemes and decorating details.

Before you start buying furnishings and decor, first sketch out what the layout of your home will be. Draw floor plans or pictures on paper to visualize for yourself what it is that you want. This step is so important because when you finally do have a vision in place, everything else will come together much faster! In this way, if anything does not work with your design plan then it can simply be changed before getting too far down the road.

If these are already drawn up, take them into consideration as you make furniture decisions. For example, if there's not enough space from one room to another then find pieces that are smaller but still serve their intended purpose well; think about how they will impede or suit the flow of the home.

If you're really stumped about your interior design, consider hiring a professional interior designer to help out. Ask us for some referrals.

Exterior Home Design

Once the design of your home is set in stone, it's time to turn your attention towards what everyone sees first: the outside. The exterior of a home not only sets the stage for everything inside but also gives a personal touch and finishes off an overall look.

One of the key tasks of finishing your exterior home design is choosing the color of paint. One key tip is to make sure and test several swatches of color prior to painting the whole house. Paint tones can actually change color depending on the light that's hitting it. So your house could look one color in the morning light, noon light, and evening light! Look at these test swatches at each point in the day to make sure you like the end result.

Decide if you want to add design accents like stone or custom wood work. These can add a lot of character to your home. Talk to your home builder and architect about these options.

Modern Home Design

A modern home design is clean and simple. This style of home looks good in front of any backdrop since the house itself is so simplistic.

Modern homes typically have large windows to make the most use out of natural light, filling your home with sunlight and great vibes. The exterior design also tends to be very minimalistic with a lot of straight lines and sharp corners. This style isn't for everybody, but has it's advantages. A lot of straight lines make construction easier. The style is also excellent for the environment, as a lot of modern homes have sustainable design features.

Custom Home Designs

All homes built by Bianchi-Tillett Developers are custom home designs. You can be assured that there is, or ever will be, a house like the one built for you! Custom designs can include a vast array of styles to suit your needs and put skin to your dreams. Want a Spanish style villa? We can do that. What about Mediterranean home styles or craftsman? Check and check- we've got you covered. We've built all sorts of custom homes in the past and are ready to create a custom home design that you will absolutely love.

Home Designers Near Me

Interested in finding a custom home designer near you? Bianchi-Tillett Developers is one of the leading custom home builders in the Sacramento, CA area. We often build in the following cities:

  • Cameron Park
  • Carmichael
  • El Dorado Hills
  • Folsom
  • Granite Bay
  • Lincoln
  • Rocklin
  • Roseville

You can find examples of the home designs we've built all over these cities, many of which are some of the most coveted homes in the area. You will not be disappointed with your home design when working with Bianchi-Tillett Developers.


With just a little guidance from your builder, you can design the home of your dreams with ease. No matter the desired style, Bianchi-Tillett Developers will ensure that your home is custom, personalized and perfect for you.

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