Many people dream of purchasing a Folsom Lake Lakefront Property, which is close to Granite Bay, Rocklin, Rock River and other top locations. The close proximity of Folsom Lake to these areas means it also enjoys all the benefits they offer, which is why having a Folsom lake lakefront property is a goal for many people. 

If you purchase a property in this area, you can easily access the fishing, boating, water sports, and recreation it offers. You also get to enjoy amazing hilltop views, excellent schools, and everything you can desire in a home. If you have been thinking of purchasing a Folsom lake lakefront property, you are on the right track. But it is important to weigh the benefits and downsides to know if it is the right step for you.

Pros of a Lakefront Property

There are many benefits of purchasing a Folsom lake lakefront property, including:

  • The value of your lake house will increase: Lake houses tend to rise and hold their value better than most residential real estate you can purchase. This benefit is even more evident when you purchase a Lakehouse in a popular location like Folsom lake.  Even when the market goes down, lakefront property tends to hold its value.. And if you are one of those who pick a lake house as your second home, it will serve as both a vacation location and an investment.
  • You enjoy an amazing view: Buying a Folsom Lake lakefront property means you enjoy the thrill of an amazing view and environment. The lake always offers solace and beauty, which means you can simply spend time in the now and enjoy all nature has to offer. This view will give you the feeling of always being on vacation directly from your backyard.
  • You can easily engage in watersports: Being so close to the lake encourages you to spend more time engaging in outdoor activities, thus improving your overall health. For instance, you can simply get a small boat and spend time fishing or purchase a kayak to boost your level of physical activity. Or if you want a faster pace, wakesurfing or tubing behind a boat are thrilling options! No matter the kind of water sport or outdoor activity you enjoy, spending more time on the water and outside your California lakefront property will promote your health through an active lifestyle.

Cons of a Lakefront Property

  • Cost: Lake houses do not come cheap. You will need to invest a substantial amount to enjoy all the benefits it offers. This high cost can be a problem for many people.
  • Privacy: The lake close to your Sacramento property will be a major attraction for many people who want to engage in recreational activities. And in the case of Folsom Lake, it’s open to the public. This implies that you may have an influx of individuals trying to access the lake for recreational activities. If you like extreme privacy, this may be a setback, but it is not a major problem as most boaters are still a ways away.
  • Higher Insurance Cost: Purchasing a lakehouse means you may have to pay more for insurance since you have a higher risk of flooding, or liability from your personal visitors drowning. Even though this is for your benefit, this possible expense is not something you would incur if it wasn’t a lakefront property.. Make sure you reach out to your local insurance agent to get more information about your flood insurance requirements before you make a purchase.

Is There Folsom Lake Lakefront Property Available?

In the past, it was easy to get a Folsom lake lakefront property since they were readily available. However, many more people are starting to see the benefits and rushing to get their dream home. This has started to make these properties scarce, but there are still some lots available. If you are interested in purchasing one and building a custom home, you can contact us to learn about the available prime locations.

Folsom Lake Lakefront Home Examples

Here are a few amazing homes you can find on Folsom Lake.

Photo Source: Houzz
Photo Source: UpNest
Photo Source: Place Luxury Real Estate

 As you can see from the images above, you can find many homes around Folsom Lake that are beautiful. When you buy a Folsom lake lakefront property, you enjoy an amazing time with nature, great landscape, and amazing structures. Regardless of what you are looking for in a lakefront property, there is surely something for you at Folsom Lake.


Building a Folsom lake lakefront property is a major decision that comes with many benefits. The homes in Folsom lake are excellent, with access to playgrounds, tennis facilities, private parks, and other amazing amenities. It is a community that offers everything you may want in an affluent area. Contact us and lets talk about building a lakefront property on Folsom Lake that aligns with your budget.


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