Deck vs patio: which is better for you? In this article, we'll explore the pros and cons of each. We'll also compare the costs and resale value to help you make a more informed decision when deciding what's best for your home!

Deck Vs Patio

Outdoor living spaces are ideal for both decks and patios. These open-air areas provide the ideal backdrop for socializing and relaxing with family and friends while enjoying nature.

You might be asking, "How are these two outside living spaces different?" The primary distinction between decks and patios is that decks are typically off of the ground, whereas patios are on the ground. There are also a few minor variations in terms of materials, construction, and cost of construction. Continue reading to learn about the primary distinctions between decks and patios and which might be best for your home.

Patio Vs Deck Resale Value

A beautiful deck may be a great investment for your home. So, how much does a deck increase the value of your property? Experts believe that a deck has a resale value of at least 76%, which is higher than almost any other house improvement project. So you can figure out how much more your home is worth as a result of the new deck.

Patios are frequently less expensive to build than decks, and yet they have a 100% resale value. It's reasonable to believe you'll recover your investment. There aren't many home improvement projects that can say this!

Before you get carried away pouring concrete, keep in mind that not all patios have the same resale value. The goal is to add a patio just large enough to your yard without going overboard and taking away too much space from the rest of your yard.

Pros And Cons Of Deck Vs Patio

The price is one of the most frequently asked questions in the patio versus deck debate. Yet, there's more to constructing an outdoor entertaining area than simply finances. You should also think about which material might give the best aesthetic, whether or not you'll need a permit, and the return on investment.


Time to Build

Although a patio does not always need a permit, it's a good idea to double-check with your local building department to ensure you don't need one. A concrete patio, regardless of whether or not you require a permit, may necessitate significant ground preparation before pouring the concrete.


Patios -- particularly enclosed patios with screening -- are lower to the ground and can offer a greater sense of privacy.


Patios made of concrete pavers are durable and long-lasting.


Patios are cheaper to build, partially because the building materials are cheaper and because they’re installed flush with the ground, requiring less materials and labor to create stairs, install joists, railings, and other components associated with decks.

Decks average a 76% ROI compared to indoor home renovations and the installation of a patio.


You can build raised decks on sloping or uneven ground, making them more flexible.


Patios can last for decades if they’re well-maintained.

Composite decks, if well-maintained, can last just as long as a patio. 


Time to Build

Building a large deck may require permits in certain cities, which might cause delays before you can begin construction.


Buildings and safety regulations demand railings for elevated decks since they are at an elevation above the ground. One of the most costly parts of an elevated deck is these types of features.


Wooden decks require power washing, repainting, and sealing every couple of years.

You’ll need to treat the soil beneath your patio to prevent cracking in cold weather.


Decks, especially if a raised deck, can be expensive to build.


Patios are only suitable for flat areas.


Wooden decks are less weather-resistant than composite decks or patios, giving them a shorter lifespan.

Deck Vs Patio Cost

The expenses of decking vs patios are tough to compare since there are numerous material alternatives. The average cost of decking is about $36 per square foot, including all essential substructures and fasteners. Pouring a patio costs around $14 per square foot. These calculations can vary depending on region.


Deciding to build a deck vs patio isn't a very simple choice, but it's one that could have major implications for your home's resale value, and aesthetics. Bianchi-Tillett Developers is here to help you with all of your home building questions. Contact us today!

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