One of the most exciting things to do when you are buying a home is to choose to build a custom home from the ground up. Living in a home that’s been designed according to your needs is unique and it’s a wonderful feeling. You can choose from the latest exterior and interior styles for your home, and whether you are building a brand new custom home or you’re remodeling one in which you live, you can choose everything!

When you’re in a position to build custom homes in Loomis, CA, you may be excited to learn more about Loomis as an area. Building the home of your dreams starts with choosing the right suburb.

About Loomis CA

Did you know that Loomis, CA is named for James Loomis, a pioneer of the town. Loomis was once a part of the second-largest fruit shipping station in the County. It’s a place that is up and coming for new homes and new families. Here’s a little about it!

Weather Loomis CA

On average, the best weather Loomis, CA, has to offer is in the summer months. With around 250 sunny days per year in Loomis, you can look forward to some warmth here! Loomis also gets around 21 inches of rain per year, but it’s rare for Loomis to see much snow. On average through the summer, the weather in Loomis, CA sits at highs of 94!

Schools in Loomis

There are six main public schools in Loomis, CA, and there are just under 7,000 people served by these schools. If you have younger children, the Loomis school district, CA, is an exciting place to live. You have Loomis Grammar School, Loomis, CA, Loomis Elementary School, CA, Del Oro High School, Loomis, CA and Loomis Basin Charter School, Loomis CA. Loomis is ranked 421st out of 1798 cities in public schools per capita. The public schools are tuition free and will educate children from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Things To Do In Loomis CA

Loomis is a quaint community and you get an “old time” vibe when you're experiencing the town. Finding things to do in Loomis CA isn't hard, not with a town that retains its charm. There are spacious lots for residents to build custom homes, and this is a place that has carefully retained its charming character, from the rolling hillsides to the woods. Small doesn't mean empty, though, and Loomis CA has a ton of things to do! You can head to the High Hand Art Gallery for an afternoon, but if you prefer to spend time exploring breweries, you’ll love the Loomis Basin Brewing Co to explore and taste test. If you prefer wine, you have the Casque Wines Tasting Room to enjoy!

Jobs In Loomis CA

The jobs in Loomis CA are thriving, with the projections for job growth in Loomis, CA being very positive. In the last year, the rate of jobs has increased by 1.4%, and the average salary for workers in Loomis, CA is around $82,813. 

Loomis CA Real Estate

When it comes to Loomis, CA real estate, it’s important to note that the median house price sits at around $970k. Houses sell quickly, and land for sale in Loomis, CA also goes fast. If you’re planning to build custom homes in Loomis, CA, you’re choosing to buy in a great market. There are some popular neighborhoods in Loomis, including:

  • Clover Valley Woods
  • Whitney Oaks
  • Central Rocklin
  • Central Rocklin/Downtown Area
  • Old Town Rocklin
  • Secret Ravine-Sierra Bluffs
  • Sunset Whitney
  • Sierra College Area
  • Rivercrest
  • Granite Drive/Sierra Meadows
  • Del Mar

Average Home Price In Loomis CA

Are you looking for luxury homes in Loomis CA? The average home price in Loomis CA depends on the location, but the median listing of $970k is currently trending up year on year. Per square foot, you’re looking at $388.

Home Builder Loomis CA

If you’re looking to build custom homes in Loomis, CA, you should speak to our experts today. Not only can you build your home from the ground up, you can choose the fixtures and fittings that suit your style and embrace the aesthetic ideal you have for your home. Choosing the right home builder Loomis CA has to offer is important if you want to ensure that your home is built with quality and as beautiful as you hope it will be. Choosing to build a custom home in Loomis, CA is a great way to embrace that luxury lifestyle you’ve been looking for.

The Takeaway

You deserve a home of which you can be proud. Building a custom home in Loomis, CA is the way to go!  Contact our expert team today!

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