The best way to get a feel for what custom home features are available is by looking at past homes that we have built. In this article, we will show you some of our favorite highlights from previous custom homes and discuss why they are so great. From custom kitchen islands with butcher block tops to exposed ceiling beams and walk-in closets, let us help you create the perfect custom home!

Exposed Beams

Many people find that exposed ceiling beams add character to any room in your home. Not only do these beams provide structure for ceilings but also offer aesthetic appeal as well. This feature really creates a dynamic atmosphere while capturing some traditional characteristics from older homes which we think is very cool! They also had a touch of contrast to often all-white ceilings.

You can see below that the dark stained exposed beams perfectly frame the fan and give just the right amount of contrast to the fairly light colored room.

exposed beams

Kitchen Islands

We love custom kitchen islands with butcher block tops because they make the space feel so inviting and comfortable. They're perfect for gatherings, entertainment, or just cooking!

You can see in this example, we created an off-white kitchen island with a stone countertop to contrast the brown floor and dark brick accent walls. Beautiful!

kitchen island

Backyard Pool

Of course what custom home would be complete without a pool to go along with it! Most all high-end homes today have a pool, especially in the greater Sacramento, CA area. The hot summers almost demand a place to be able to cool off, and the backyard pool fits the bill perfectly.

You can see from this project that the modern rectangle pool fits the design of the house well, inviting the center courtyard to indulge in its waters.

backyard pool

Fixtures That Pop

Dark metal fixtures that hail from yesteryear, giving a feeling of sophisticated modern history. We love seeing quality metal fixtures on cabinets and lighting fixtures that don't just blend in, but that add to the aesthetic of the room.

dark fixtures

Mass Curb Appeal

Our architects and designers are masters at designing homes with lines that draw you in. Blending diagonal and horizontal lines to perfection, all the while using the front sidewalk almost as a runway, inviting you to come inside.

You can see in our home build below, how perfectly balanced the lines of this home turned out!

home curb appeal

European Home Designs

While America may have called "dibs" on the ranch style home, Europe through the century's has provided some stunning designs. The Mediterranean/Spanish Style home is a favorite of ours. Incorporating arches with ceramic tiled roofs, verandas and fountains, this example below has it all.

european home designs


We love to build quality. But what we want to do even more is to surpass our client's expectations and have them be absolutely thrilled with their new custom home. We want to bring dreams to reality. As you can see from some of our past homes that we've built, that's just what we've done.
Contact us today to schedule a free consultation - bringing your dreams into focus!

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