If you have been imagining your dream home, it may be time to find custom home builders to make it a reality. . The real estate market is exploding, driving up home prices all around the country, particularly in California and the Sacramento area. This is a great opportunity to find your perfect plot of land and build a home that suits your needs. A process that was once confusing and overwhelming can quickly be streamlined and easy thanks to finding the right custom home builder. If you are starting to picture your own home and all the things you want to change, it may be time to discover how a custom home could be right for you.

How To Find The Best Custom Home Builders Near Me

If you have started thinking about finding the best custom home builder in your area, then there are some key steps to research the right company. First, you should know that while finding a custom home builder near Sacramento, or another metro area, may seem overwhelming, there are strategies to make sure you discover the best.

Local Builders Association

Check with your Local Builders Association and get a list of active local builders. You can even ask for a referral. The people working at the association may not be acquainted with the completed projects, but they’ll know the people and their reputations. It’s important to work with reputable builders, like Bianchi-Tillet Developers. Builders who do quality work and provide a good experience to their customers.


Real Estate Brokers are an excellent source of information about quality builders. They are often involved in their own real estate developments and remodels, so understand if they are involved, and if they are that their opinion may be a little skewed. But they typically have a strong idea of who the best quality contractors are in your local area. Ask for the top 5 high end builders. In the Sacramento area, if they have experience, they are sure to mention Bianchi-Tillet as one of the top luxury custom home builders!

Building Projects

Look around at some of the building projects happening in your area, drive by some new subdivisions. Do you like the way they are building, the people that work for them, the quality of construction? You can find out a lot about a custom home builder by exploring the work they are in process with or have recently completed.

If a builder hasn’t done a custom home at the scale or price range that you’re looking for, then it's best to look for a builder who has done that size of home before. You wouldn’t want to go with a builder who is used to building spec 1800 square foot homes, to build your 6000 square foot custom home. There are different building styles, complexities, and issues when building at that level. Go with experience!

Ask Referrals from Family and Friends

Family and friends are always a great bet for a true, unfiltered opinion about custom home builders in your area. They will share the good, bad, and the ugly, but it will give you a great idea about how companies are being perceived and what to expect from someone who is going to be constructing your dream home.

When you’re ready to search for a “custom home builder near me”, you will be inundated with results. Therefore, take that list of names and go through each of the steps outlined to make sure you land on the best custom home builder who can take your list and make it a reality.

Bianchi-Tillett Developers has long been one of the top custom home builders in Sacramento, yet they’ve just rebranded, so be sure to check out their new website here.

How To Find A Quality Custom Home Builder

Finding a quality custom home builder may seem daunting at first, but once you start the process, you’ll begin to see who the best builders in your area are. Make sure you are spending time thinking about what you want in a custom home and areas of frustration in your own living situation. This will help when you start working with a designer. Find open houses in your local area and go walkthrough completed projects. Make a list of things you like and those you would change. Remember, this is supposed to be your dream space, what do you want to see in it?

The best custom home builders will have an architect that they work with, to help you design a home that you absolutely love. Be sure and ask builders you’re interviewing what architect they work with.

Questions To Ask Your Home Builder

There are important things to take into consideration when searching for the best custom home builder in your area. Not every builder may align with your personal goals. Before you start, take a moment, grab a cup of coffee, and draw out your wish list. Then take some of these questions into account when finding a quality custom home builder.

  1. Are they working with an architect to design your home or do they have pre-designed floor plans?
  2. How customized will they let you get when it comes to finishes and appliances?
  3. Are you able to downgrade or upgrade certain predetermined fixtures?
  4. Is the home energy efficient or able to be made more so, depending on your interests?
  5. What safety features are included in the building process?
  6. Are you able to make changes to the floorplan or add specific features like a deck or attic?
  7. What is the expected timeline for the custom home building process?
  8. What are the requirements and costs associated with permits, licenses, and city fees?
  9. Is the landscaping included and if so, does it have a warranty?
  10. What is included in the home warranty and what is the duration?
  11. Does the builder have financing included or a reputable lender with whom they work?
  12. What are the schools like around the neighborhood?
  13. Be sure to check crime rates, Megan’s law, closest conveniences, parks, and safety services.
  14. Are there major development plans happening in the area and what changes are expected in the next five years?
  15. What are the estimated annual taxes?
  16. If there will be an HOA, what are their expected fees and expectations?
  17. Will the neighborhood have CC&R’s and is there a guideline that you can review?
  18. Who are your major utility companies and how are their services, costs, and outages?
  19. Who will you be working with through the process, inspections, concerns, questions, and expectations?
  20. Do they have a list of client testimonials and referrals?

Know the Area You Want To Build In

As you begin the process of picturing the kind of home you want, make sure you know the area you want to build in. You can accomplish this by driving around the town, walking through neighborhoods you like, exploring proximity to your favorite restaurants and shopping amenities, and getting a feel for the area that you are thinking about building. When thinking about where you work, how is the commute? If you work from home, how is the internet service? Where will you send your kids to school & how close are your family and friends? Is there a park or nature feature within walking distance? Do the neighbors give out full size candy bars for Halloween? It’s the little things that make you fall in love with where you live, find out as much as you can beforehand.

In highly sought after areas like Granite Bay, CA, lots may be hard to find. When you do find them, they are typically at a premium price. Here are some of the top areas to build a home near Sacramento, CA:

  • Cameron Park, CA
  • Carmichael, CA
  • El Dorado Hills, CA
  • Folsom, CA
  • Granite Bay, CA
  • Lincoln, CA
  • Rocklin, CA
  • Roseville, CA

These areas boast the most prestigious homes, with great schools, and nearby amenities. If you’re able to build a custom home in one of these areas, consider yourself lucky!

Know The Builders Track Record

When choosing a quality custom home builder, you should do your due diligence by getting feedback from previous clients. Checking craftsmanship, communication, and proficiency at handling the job are all necessary components to finding the best custom home builder for your project. Most contractors work with a team of people; take the time to find out who you will be working with and make sure your styles are cohesive. You are the client and you need a quality builder who understands your desires and can communicate well with you through the entire process. Double check their work and make sure they deliver on quality, service, and skill.

Does The Builder Work with An Architect

Quality custom home builders need to have a strong working relationship with an architect, as we’ve mentioned before. You want someone who understands how to take a blueprint and turn it into reality. You also want to find a builder who has strong connections with an architectural firm so that any changes you work up can easily & quickly be implemented into your plan. This can save you time, money, and stress in the project. When an architect and builder work well together, it is to the benefit of the client.

Know Your Price Point

What was once an out of reach luxury is becoming a reality for many savvy homeowners. With the real estate market driving home prices up, buyers can start looking to custom home builders to make their dream home, price effective. Start the process by talking to a couple of mortgage lenders you trust and find out their recommendations on what type of loan you will need. Depending on whom you choose for your project, they may have a lender they work well with or can refer you to. Bianchi-Tillett Developers work with several lenders. Umpqua Bank is their preferred lender. Contact them here, to get the  number of their top lender and understanding of what’s involved.

Get information on budget and then start interviewing custom home builders to see if they have home plans that fit your finances. Typical custom homes cost about $200 – $300 a square foot. This is for lower grade finishes and homes. For large luxury homes near Sacramento, CA, expect to pay in the $350 - $750 range depending on design and finishes. When researching the process, you can often increase or lower the price per square foot depending on the finishes you choose.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Custom Home

The timeline for building a custom home depends on if you’re working with an architect to create your floorplan or waiting on city approval for your permits. However, depending on the square footage, the average custom home takes about 7-12 months to complete. When looking for a builder, you can ask how long it takes them to complete their average housing projects.

A word of warning, CA is notorious for delaying projects during the permit process. This is out of control of the builder, so be patient and just make sure they have submitted all the proper paperwork.

What's Your Decision?

Choosing to build a custom home is an exciting position to find yourself. It allows you to choose a floor plan that works with your style of living. This personalized plan gives you seamless functionality in a home that is brand new and created specifically for your lifestyle. Now that you’re ready to move forward, walk through the list of questions to help yourself find the absolute best custom home builder in your area. A little upfront research can save you significant time and money in the end. Contact us today to find out how Bianchi-Tillett Developers checks every box and can help you build your perfect home.

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